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Jonah Hex: Origins

Jonah Hex: Origins


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On the rangy plains of the Wild West rides a man named Jonah Hex, who has no companions save two: death itself, and the acrid smell of gunsmoke!Now, for the first time, the awful truth of Jonah Hex's origin is revealed. Born into hate, to a drunk father and absent mother, he is sold into slavery with the Apache, but betrayed once more. Scarred for life at the hands of the Union Army, disfigured by the tribe he once called friends, there is nothing more for Hex than endless bloody revenge!Featuring the legendary art of Spanish master Jordi Bernet - as well as acclaimed penciller Phil Noto (Birds of Prey) - with hard-hitting scripts by Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti, "Jonah Hex" is perhaps the most uncompromising Western comic ever! 

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