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Jonah Hex: Only the Good Die Young

Jonah Hex: Only the Good Die Young


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On the rangy plains of the Wild West rides a man named Jonah Hex, who has no companions save two: death itself, and the acrid smell of gunsmoke!Hex's hunt for bounty in the Old West continues, bringing him face-to-scarred-face with good men and bad alike - not to mention Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla! Plus, events take a turn for the supernatural, as Hex meets El Diablo and teams up with Bat Lash!Featuring the art of Spanish legend Jordi Bernet ('Torpedo') - as well as acclaimed artists Phil Noto ("Birds of Prey") and David Michael Beck ("The Road to Perdition") - with hard-hitting scripts by Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti, Johan Hex is perhaps the most uncompromising Western comic ever! 

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