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Jonah Hex: Guns of Vengeance

Jonah Hex: Guns of Vengeance


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On the rangy plains of the Wild West rides a man named Jonah Hex, who has no companions save two: death itself, and the acrid smell of gunsmoke! The bounty hunter's life is hard and hellish, with little room for joy and even less for love. But as for natural justice...that's a different matter, as Hex continues his travels through the Wild West, righting wrongs, despatching evildoers and sometimes, burying some old ghosts of his own. The hit series, featuring the stunning painted art of Luke Ross with assists from many other fine artists, as well as hard-talking scripts from Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti, continues to mine a dark, gritty vein of American folklore - to thrilling effect! 

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