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Coffin Hill: Haunted Houses Vol. 3

Coffin Hill: Haunted Houses Vol. 3


  • $1499

Eve Coffin is released from jail to go home again...and there's something 
in Coffin Hill awaiting her with open arms. Ghosts are abroad in the town, and 
one in particular has her sights set on Eve - and on a bloody chain of events 
the Coffin family set in motion almost three hundred years ago. When the bones 
of a young girl are found after decades buried in the Coffin Hill woods, Eve and 
Officer Wilcox attempt to solve the cold case, discovering that the ghosts, the 
bones and the darkest secrets of Coffin Hill are all connected...and all pose a 
grave danger to Eve and her loved ones. Collect COFFIN HILL #14-20. 

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