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Baby Daisy Needs Heart Surgery Raffle

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  • $200

“Daisy was born a fighter. She came into the world with the cord wrapped three times around her neck and tore her way out giving her mum a fourth degree tear and costing her 4.8 litres of blood (roughly 100%). She was later dianosed with a ventricular septal defect and a small aortic septal defect. Surgery was scheduled for late August.

A week ago baby Daisy's condition worsened and a nasal gastric feeding tube was installed and she is now being fed solely by a machine pumping formula into her nasal tube and we can't even pick her up. It is pretty heartbreaking. Having been through this to a lesser extent with her older brother we have a fair idea of the
challenges ahead which is why I know we will need help.”
- Aidan Spittles (Daisy’s dad)


To help raise funds we’re holding a raffle.
Tickets are $2 ea or 6 for $10 (use code: 6FOR10 at checkout)
and can be purchased from here or instore at Urban Fiction / Level Up Lounge.

4 x Level Up Lounge Day passes ($100 Value)
1 x $100 Urban Fiction Voucher
4 x Majestic Cinema Tickets
1 x Fidget Spinner & 1 x Fidget Cube ($16 Value)
2 x Lego Minifigures ($10 Value)
1 x Dice Masters Starter Set (Marvel or DC) ($28 Value)
1 x MTG Planeswalker Deck - Gideon ($27 Value)
3 x Art Prints by Artist Aly Faye (your choice) ($30 Value)
2 x Tin Super Hero Signs (Value $20)
TOTAL VALUE: Over $350

Winners will be drawn Sunday 16th of July.

Thank You.