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Aria: The Enchanted Collection Vol. 3

Aria: The Enchanted Collection Vol. 3

Image Comics

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"The Enchanted Collection!" Collects Aria: The Uses of Enchantment (2003) #1-4 and Aria: A Summers Spell (2002) #1-2 . Written by BRIAN HOLGUIN. Art by LAN MEDINA, BRIAN HABERLIN and JAY ANACLETO. Cover by JAY ANACLETO. Aria is an unforgettable fairy tale for adults that follows the adventures of Kildare, a faerie princess living in Greenwich Village, and her strange circle of immortal friends. The Kingdom of Enchantment, a roadside theme park that flourished in the 1950s, has sat abandoned for decades. When a mysterious invitation literally drops into Kildare's lap, she is lead to a remarkable discovery - a genuine magical kingdom hidden away in the Catskill Mountains. But a dark and terrible secret lies buried at the heart of this fairytale land, a reminder of the dangers of getting what you wish for. The international award-winning story is finally brought to you in a single, stunning collection featuring the two-part and hard-to-find ARIA: SUMMER SPELL and as a TRUE BONUS: a never seen before Aria prose story written by BRIAN HOLGUIN and lushly illustrated by BRIAN HABERLIN.

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